Complimentary 1 hour Consultation


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Sport Specific Training


Whether you are the weekend warrior, recreational athlete, or elite athlete, TrimmFitness can design a workout tailored to your needs (Individual, Team, or Group).  Conditioning the body through proper strength programs, dynamic stretching, nutrition, and recovery, are all a necessity in Injury Prevention and keeping your body conditioned.  

Injury Prevention & Post Rehabilitation


After rotator cuff and ACL surgery, I started to do extensive research on injury prevention and how this could’ve been Prevented.

12 months after ACL surgery, I was determined to compete in Miss Tri-Fitness.  Through proper nutrition and a carefully designed workout regimen, I was not only able to compete, but finish at the top in every event. 

Remember “Rehab doesn’t stop in Rehab.  It’s an ongoing process to keep yourself healthy, so the same problems do not persist”



Please contact for pricing.  Pricing varies, depending on duration and sessions per week 

Group and Team pricing are available after an in depth consultation and analysis of needs

Executive Business Workout


Having Been on the road myself for business travel purposes for many years, I have a clear understanding of the constant struggles with workouts and nutrition while traveling. TrimmFitness will help design a workout program and plan for those individuals on the road. TrimmFitness will also supply you with the Travel essentials needed to do a workout right in the comfort of your hotel room.  Best of all, it’s tailored just for you. 

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Fitness Questions


Please feel free to contact TrimmFitness with any questions in regards to health and wellness, or personal training

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